According to rumors,the Samsung Galaxy A53 has a smaller body and an Infinity-O display

According to rumors,the Samsung Galaxy A53 has a smaller body and an Infinity-O display
November 9th, 2021

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A53 has been making quite a stir on the internet for quite some time. Onleaks has now shared the device’s early renders in cooperation with The phone is the successor to the Galaxy A52, which was released earlier this year and has a similar look with minor differences. So, let’s take a look at the features and launch of the Samsung Galaxy A53, as well as the leaks and rumors surrounding it.


The design of the Galaxy A53 does not appear to have improved much based on early renders. The back panel is now completely flat, though the corners have a slight curvature. The camera bump has also been extended from the back panel, and the entire camera island now features smooth curves. It has a centrally aligned Infinity-O cutout for the selfie camera on the front. The gadget is 8.14 mm thick, which is slightly thinner than the A52 (8.4mm).

Amoled Screen

The A53 is expected to have a 120Hz AMOLED screen and come in the colors Awesome Black, White, Light Blue, and Orange. A 64MP quad-camera array will be housed in the aforementioned camera hump. Furthermore, the 3.5mm audio connector will be phased out, forcing you to use the Type-C port if you want to connect wired headphones. According to, Samsung may only release the Galaxy A53 5G version.

Samsung Galaxy A53 Specifications (Rumored):

Thickness: 8.14mm

Display: 120Hz AMOLED, Infinity-O

Camera: 64MP quad-camera

Ports: USB Type-C

Colors: Black, White, Light Blue, Orange


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