Nepal’s finest camera phones in 2021

Nepal’s finest camera phones in 2021
July 11th, 2021

Every smartphone nowadays comes with a proper camera. People are ready to communicate their lifestyles through visual methods, thanks to the prevalence of social networks. As the demand for images grows, manufacturers are obligated to include better cameras to avoid slipping behind in the fight to be the best among a plethora of smartphones.

Probably the first feature you engage on a smartphone is the camera. Companies are investing substantially to develop and upgrade their cameras in response to the growing popularity of cameras in smartphones. They’ve even partnered with professional camera companies to improve the cameras on their smartphones. Today, we’ll talk about the top photography cellphones available in Nepal right now.

S.NBest Camera in Nepal
1Iphone 11 Pro Max
2Huawei P40 Pro
3Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra
4Iphone 12 Pro Max
5One Plus 9 Pro
  1. Iphone 11 Pro Max
I phone 11 Pro Max camera

Despite the fact that it was released in September 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro Max still offers one of the greatest cameras on the market today. A 12MP triple camera arrangement is included in the phone. A telephoto camera and a 120-degree ultrawide camera are housed with the main camera, which is equivalent to a 26mm wide lens with 1.8 aperture. The cameras can also record videos in 4K at 60 frames per second. The front-facing camera is also a 12MP one with a larger field of view for selfies.

The camera on the phone is entirely integrated into iOS, giving everyone a pro-level camera experience. The ultra-wide lens is perfect for landscape and architectural photography since it can catch four times as many scenes. The camera’s night mode offers outstanding photographs both indoors and outdoors in low-light circumstances.

The iPhone has always been known for its natural pictures, and this smart HDR is no different. Using strong machine learning, it recognizes subjects in the picture and automatically relights them. Another noteworthy feature of this phone’s camera is that all of its cameras can take 4K video with increased dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization. In Nepal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at Rs 162,000.

2. Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro

In the last few years, Huawei has expanded at an exponential rate, not only in sales but also in camera technology. A 50MP primary lens, a 40MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP periscope telephoto lens (supports super-zoom), and a ToF sensor are included in the P40 Pro. The 5x optical zoom is referred described as super-zoom, although it also offers 10x hybrid zoom and 50x max zoom. This phone’s front camera is a 32MP f/2.2 sensor housed inside a relatively large pill-shaped notch.

In addition to the large sensor, the Huawei P40 Pro has a RYYB filter. The RYYB color filter replaces green sub-pixels with yellow ones. The yellow filter, according to Huawei, allows the sensor to absorb up to 40% more light than regular RGGB filters. Even in low-light circumstances, this filter adjustment allows for superior image capturing. The rear cameras provide breathtaking images, while the ToF camera improves autofocus and adds more realistic background defocus to portraits. The camera app has been upgraded thanks to Huawei’s AI, which now detects settings for up to 1,500 different circumstances.

The phone’s Pro mode, which allows you to manually change parameters, is another excellent feature. It has an ISO range of 50 to 409,600, which is more than most DSLR cameras. You can also choose from a number of other shooting and measuring options. You may also adjust the aperture from f/0.95 to f/16. When taking bokeh photos, you can also choose the forms. The phone’s pro mode is available on all three cameras, which is unique for a phone. There’s also a Super Moon shot in the camera. In Nepal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at Rs 129,990.

3. Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra

samsung note 20 ultra camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a lot of cool features. It strikes the ideal blend of strength and elegance. The phone is well-known for its S-pen. The phone also includes a powerful camera in addition to all of the other capabilities.

On the rear of this phone, there are three cameras. There are three cameras: a 108MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera. On the front, there’s a 10MP selfie camera. The Note 20 Ultra’s cameras are amazing, and they’re perfect for filming and taking shots. You may record videos in 8K resolution on the phone. This option is not available on most cellphones. Higher resolution leads in more detail and crisp recording. You can fine-tune your recording and photos with the phone’s Pro mode. When making films in Pro mode, you can change the zoom speed to get a dramatic close-up or a grand reveal of the entire scene. Recordings at 120 frames per second are also possible.

For individuals who enjoy photography and filming, there are numerous features. Advanced AI can convert a single shot into several formats. The phone conducts the post-production work and gives multiple formats, even suggesting the best one, after being recorded for a few seconds. There’s also an ultra steady video setting for crystal-clear footage. The Space Zoom option allows you to zoom in 30x or 50x without losing details thanks to super-resolution zoom boosted by AI. Even in low-light situations, the night mode allows you to create stunning images. Video may be recorded in 4K on both the front and rear cameras. In Nepal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at Rs 139,999.

4. Iphone 12 Pro Max

iphone 12 pro max camera

iPhone 12 Pro Max is fitted with a quad-camera. There is a 12MP f/1.6 primary camera with a dual pixel PDAF-and sensor-shift stabilization, with a 12MP 2.5X optical zoom telephoto lens, a 12MP 120-degree ultra-wide camera and a ToF 3D LiDAR scanner. A 12MP front selfie camera is also available.

This phone maximizes the system for the pro camera. It has a 47% larger sensor and larger pixels, which means that the amount of light collected from the wide camera increases. The presence of an OIS stabilizers the sensor rather than the lens and so the shots are constant. It’s probably the best video recording telephone. This is Dolby Vision’s first camera ever recorded. The night mode lapse is also provided for.

The pictures are also very impressive on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Night mode portraits, realistic coloring and deep merging are all helpful for users when they capture better images. The telephone learning differentiates subject matter effectively and you can precisely adjust your pictures using background and creative controls. Shadows and contours for accurate natural photos are automatically improved on the Smart HDR 3 on the phone. In Nepal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at Rs 170,000.

5. One Plus 9 Pro

One Plus 9 Pro camera

This was OnePlus series’ most anticipated phone. Hasselblad has become a surreal hype thanks to his partnership with an iconic photographic name. A quad-setup is installed in the Premium-designed OnePlus 9 Pro. Equipped with 8MP telephoto, ultra-Wide 50MP and 2MP camera depth sensors, the 48MP main Laser AF camera. A 16MP HDR-auto camera for taking selfies is located on the front.

OnePlus has a host of new features to help increase image quality. Calibration of Hasselblad colour OnePlus 9 Pro takes amazing photos and videos. The company claims this telephone provides smartphones with leading-edge colour. For beginners and pros, the camera on the phone is very user-friendly. The images and pictures are very impressive. You can also take the macro and night shots on this phone brightly.

The video can be recorded at 30 fps in 8k. This high resolution provides users with flexibility after production. You also can record user videos in 4K to 120 fps, and if you want even a faster frame, you can choose 1080 pp with 240 fps or 720 pp with 480 fps. In Nepal, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is priced at Rs 105,000.

These are some of the Nepal’s finest camera smartphones in 2021. So, a day’s roaming to find a bucket for your camera mustn’t be wasted. What you choose depends on your personal preference.


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