Facebook will launch its first smartwatch with two cameras in 2022

 Facebook will launch its first smartwatch with two cameras in 2022
July 7th, 2021

Next summer, Facebook plans to release its first smartwatch. However, while the corporation hasn’t acknowledged it, the wearable is expected to launch in 2022. The social media behemoth is working on a smartwatch that might include two cameras and a heart rate monitor.

The wristwatch, according to the source, will be released next year and would feature a display with two cameras for taking photos and videos. One camera will be on the watch display for video calling, and the other will be on the backside for wrist-mounted video capture. For the accessories that are used to attach the camera to other products like as backpacks, Facebook has enlisted the help of other companies.


Mark Zuckerberg’s plan is to encourage smartwatch owners to use them in the same way that they use smartphones. Interestingly, Facebook is working on giving the watch its own LTE connection, eliminating the need for it to be tied to a wristwatch, and it will be available in white, black, and gold colors. Facebook is already planning for the product’s future. It’s already thinking about the watch’s second and third generations. The startup plans to use the watch as an input device for its AR glasses in the future.

There is still time, and many details about the device will be divulged before that. Keep an eye on this space for more details.


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